look, feel, perform lIke an athlete.


look, feel, perform lIke an athlete.


  1. Sports Medicine 





"If you have a body, you are an athlete." 

    - Bill Bowerman

At Engineered Per4mance we believe you are an athlete and should be treated, train, and recover like the pros. Our world-class Sports Medicine and fitness professional team gives you access to exactly that whether you are a youth, high school or collegiate athlete, weekend warrior, busy executive, stay at home mom and everything in between. 


the Goal

"To help you feel, look, and perform like a professional athlete. Are you ready to join the movement?" 


the 4 


1. Sports Medicine

Our world class team of sports chiropractic, physical therapy, soft tissue experts, massage therapy and sport performance specialists work together to get you back to living faster. Whether you are dealing with an old chronic pain or an acute injury our integrated approach of rehab and fitness will seamlessly transition you out of injury and back to your active lifestyle. 


2. Sports Science

We have removed the guess work out of training and exercise. Everything we do is backed by science to give our athletes the fastest results in life and a competitive advantage in sport. The integration of sports science with athlete performance ensures no time is wasted and mitigates risk of injury. Sports science infiltrates all aspects of EP, from the training and rehab philosophy.


3. Movement

Have you looked at professional athletes and wondered why the way they train is so different than what you are currently doing at a big box gym or even with a personal trainer? Engineered Per4mance brings training previously reserved for athletes directly to you. Look, feel, and perform the way you want with real world fitness. 


4. Nutrition

Much like a professional athlete, at Engineered Per4mance we offer nutrition coaching, calorie and macro prescription, and even weekly meal planning. Our onsite Recovery Café offers post workout nutrition, breakfast smoothies, and the like to help you fuel for the game, job, or event.