There’s no such thing as the off-season.

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Ages 14+

We take youth, high school, and collegiate students and return them to their sport as well rounded, strong, injury resistant athletes. Our Alpha Athlete programs include all aspects of elite athletic performance. With a science based analysis of your sport we can ensure all aspects relative to your sport will be developed and all fundamental movement deficiencies addressed. These programs are based on the same programs we have used with professional athletes of most major sports. Train like the pros to take your performance to the next level. 

The best way to get started is to come in and meet us, see the facility, and tell us a bit more about your goals. Fill out the form on this page and someone on our team will reach out shortly to help you get started.



Month to Month

Fitness evaluation & On-Ramp: $80

+ Nutrition add on: $200/mo

“I’ve kept my speed and gained strength and size to ultimately come out more athletic. Thank you Engineered Per4mance.”

— J. Sullivan