Running Symposium

Join local experts in applying science to run stronger.

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The line up.

Lindsey Andrews (Heartland Soles) - The right shoe for you

Ben Tilus (Xenos Running Club) - Proper running form

Dr. Joseph Glenn, DC (Engineered Per4mance) - Injury Prevention

Dr. Joseph Brunkhorst, D.O. (Des Moines Orthopedic Surgeons) - The line between hurt and injured

Dr. Matt Zirretta, DPT (Engineered Per4mance) - Strength Training for Runners

Dr. Carmen Tebbe-Priebe, Ph.D. (Upside Down Performance) - Productive Self Coaching

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You've heard the staggering statistics behind running injuries and performance. Programming, injury prevention, strength & conditioning, preparation, medical rehabilitation, and performance training are all applied sciences that we use to improve performance in every sport. Why should running be any different?