Our Vision



Our mission is to bring a world class experience in performance training and sports rehabilitation to the high school and collegiate levels in Iowa. Our team is made up of coaches and clinicians with experience at the highest level in almost every major sport. The difference between that level and high school seems to be a lack of a team surrounding the athlete. At that level there are no walls built between the strength coach, physical therapist, head coach, athletic trainer or sports chiropractor. All entities communicate together to come around the athlete and do whatever is needed for each individual person. Our model of athlete first seems to be the magic that keeps you pushing forward.

This type of performance is not just for the competitive high school or collegiate athlete however. As Steve Bowerman once said, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” We believe that performance can transend the football field, soccer pitch, or court. You should be able to play a pick up game, go mountain biking or chase your kids around the yard without pain but better yet, we want you to dunk on your son, beat him in soccer, and show your kids that aging only means wiser, not weaker. We like to say that performance is for everyone. Our uniquely integrated team of health and performance specialists are here to bring it to you.


Joey Glenn