The meal plan from the Gods

Why from the Gods? Because Dr. John Berardi is my nutrition God. This guy has his Ph.D in nutrition and repeatedly puts out the most comprehensive and informative content. Nutrition is notoriously the hardest thing to nail down when attempting to change your body composition and Dr. Berardi makes it as simple as possible. I'm done convincing you, I just simply want to repost the most recent blog and infographic that he and his team at Percision Nutrition made. I know that many of you struggle with cooking or building meals. Your nutrition template tells you how much protein, carbs, and fat to eat but putting it together sounds much more simple than it is. I get it. This infographic is an awesome start. Think of it as the Italian mother you don't have teaching your 10 year old self how to build a meal (This happens right?). My generation seemed to be too busy to learn, or maybe we weren't taught, but we are never too old to learn to cook for ourselves. After all, that seems to be one of the most basic survival skills isn't it? If you don't know how to put together a proper meal than you can't cook, but if it doesn't taste good you won't eat it.

Just follow the link, read the blog, print and tape the infographic on your fridge and fake it until you make it. Watch your goals become more attainable and your families health improve. As always reach out with any questions. This should make following your template easier, but if you are having trouble seeing the connection please let me know. I would be happy to pretend to be your Italian mother.