Cardiac Output Training

You may have noticed a change in pace of our Energy Systems Development (ESD) classes the last few weeks.  We have been focusing on alactic + aerobic work for the hour. Lately the first 15 minutes is aerobic threshold recovery work and ending with cardiac output training. For an extremely through explanation of the energy systems training I will refer you to a future blog post that will be coming in the next week. Stay tuned. This blog, however, will focus on the last half of our session and the homework. I know you've been doing your homework right?

The idea behind cardiac output training is to efficiently train the aerobic system, build an aerobic base, and make you more efficient at recovering. So even if you are a powerlifter who swore off all cardio because it "compromises those gainz" you may want to consider adding in some cardiac output training. Again, all of the reasons why you need to be doing this to follow. This blog will focus on the how.

This is where steady state cardio work comes to play. Think long slow distance jogging, rowing, etc. The boring stuff. Currently we have rowing, biking, and suitcase carries prescribed in timed increments. The goal of this training should be to keep a relatively low heart rate. We use the formula 180-age to estimate how hard you should be working. This pace should be sustainable, you should feel as if you can do it for a very long time or have a conversation without loosing your breath. Notice that the coaches become extra chatty during the CO sessions? I AM curious about your weekend, but I also want you to slow down! 

So, I know you've noticed the announcements white board and the homework you were prescribed. Some of you have already been getting after it. Try it this weekend. The easiest way to do this at home is to grab a kid and go for a walk. Many of you have young ones at home that would love to bust out the baby carrier, or strap up the kid traveler behind the bike and go for a ride. Focus on keeping your heart rate right around 180-age, or if you need to bring a friend and keep a conversation going. If you want to break up the monotony, feel free to drop and perform lateral planks, push ups, or inverted row (might take more equipment depending where you're at) but keep the pace slow and sustainable. Aim for 30 minutes to an hour this weekend. The weather's beautiful, you've got goals, and kids that are dying to get outside. Three birds...