Top 10 Reasons Moms Should Lift

With our upcoming launch of Moms Gone Strong 6 week challenge we thought it would be appropriate to show you our top 10 reasons why lifting weights and leaning out is exactly what you need. During the 6 weeks we work on building strength, losing body fat, changing up your body composition but its also much more than that. We are delivering tons of information on nutritional habits, how to resolve old nagging pain, how to take control of your life, how to lead by example, and implement a healthy athletic lifestyle. This isn't a bootcamp where we pretend to be in shape for a few weeks, no, not at all. This is an all encompassing learning experience on how to be more human, more badass, more of the mom you want to be. 

  1. JOIN A COMMUNITY OF WOMEN SEEKING CHANGE. The absolute number 1 reason why you should join us is because of the community! We are bringing women together that are seeking change in their lives. Like minded individuals who share the same passion toward health and an active lifestyle. This is a perfect environment to celebrate our personal records and get help with our shortfalls. You will meet new friends who share your passion and drive toward health. Having a group holding you accountable but also planning fun events to go out in the world and express your fitness will change the way you view working out. This isn't trudging along in the gym anymore, you are putting in specific work so that you can go out and live more fully with people that share your perspective.
  2. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMING AND COACHING. The program is written by performance specialists with the utmost credentials and experience. We have worked with every level of athlete from pop warner to professional and we know that you are an athlete as well. You need to be training for the sport of being a mom. Our performance specialists follow, direct, and watch your every move. You will never be working out and wondering if you are moving properly, we will drll form and technique constantly and always regress and progress to match your current level of skill and how you feel that day. Everything is similar but completely individualized to meet your specific needs. 
  3. GET STRONG. This is a full body functional movement strength training program. Every part of you will be worked and get stronger. Gone are the days where you need help picking something up or moving the couch. The stronger you get the more independent and badass you are. Strength is much more than how much you can lift however, as you develop physically you will feel the benefits emotionally. 
  4. FEEL LIKE AN ATHLETE. When was the last time you joined a pick up soccer game or played catch with your kids? Too often we hear, "Well, I'm just not athletic." Thats ridiculous, if you have a body, you have the ability to be an athlete. While running, jumping, throwing and lifting you will feel like an athlete in the gym and gain confidence to perform outside. 
  5. LEAN OUT. We know that most people want and need to lose some body fat, so body recomposition is a huge part of the program. We will be working at high intensity to burn tons of calories while also ramping your metabolism for several hours following our workouts. After leaving EP you will be a fat burning machine. 
  6. ENJOY YOUR BODY. Do you ever look at others and wonder how she got those arms, abs, or butt? You are beautiful exactly how you are, but wanting to change something to better yourself is a form of self love. Practice self love and learn to love your body that is capable of oh so many things that you have yet to discover. 
  7. GET A LITTLE UNCOMFORTABLE. If we are honest, we live pretty cushy lives right? We wake up in our king sized beds and make coffee, drive to work in a fresh car through the winter, and arrive at our desks. Come home, eat dinner, and sleep. Not too difficult. In the gym we practice getting a little uncomfortable. Pushing your limits and seeing what your magnificent body is capable of is such a profound thing. As my favorite character, Tyler Dardin says, and given in a different context, "You are not your f***ing khakis." 
  8. PUSH WEIGHT. I bet it has been a very long time since someone asked how much you deadlift right? There is a huge sense of accomplishment when you pick up your bodyweight off the floor and stand up. You realize just how much weight you are capable of lifting and how strong you really are. I promise you will surprise yourself. 
  9. SET AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUR FAMILY. I recently had a patient that competed in a triathlon. He noted how awful it was to be away from family so much while he was training but with the next breath described how much of an impact he had on his kids showing them how to commit to something. They saw their dad drag himself to the pool on days he was tired, but also saw him eating like a champion when he needed to fuel for a workout. They witnessed first hand true dedication and hard work. That is a lesson every kid, especially this generation, could use. 
  10. IT'S TIME TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. You are a mom, and that might be the hardest job in itself. If you are anything like my mom or my wife you spend way too much time taking care of others while your own needs fall to the way side. This is something you can do for yourself. You will come back home after a workout more mentally fresh, physically stronger, and ready to show your children what health truly means. This is not a gimmick this is the lifestyle that truly expresses health and fitness and I want that for you and yours.