We are finally having our ribbon cutting this evening at 4:00! I'm stoked to have everyone out and see the place and I wanted to take some space on the blog to tell give a little thanks and fill you in on how this is not just a gym that we have built but something much greater.

Gyms come and go. They are a place you can feel great joy but also embarrassed, lost, and alone. That is why we aren't a gym. I don't even like the word. In fact, written on the doors entering the floor are the words "Performance Lab." I have written a blog previously explaining why we think of the gym as a lab of performance and movement. We treat movement very scientifically here at EP. We watch the quality of movement and constantly tweaking lifts, exercises, or intensity to keep our athletes safe and performing at their highest possible potential. But even more than the science and the quality of coaching you get a community at EP. We are a team of people becoming healthy, fit, athletic, and active.

Maybe your coming to remedy some nagging sports injury that you can't seem to get rid of. Or maybe you are rehabbing a recent surgery. Or maybe you are in great shape already, you feel good and ready to get going. Regardless of your circumstance we can help (and trust me if we can't, I can get you to those who can). Just this past week we had concluded our first "on ramp" sessions. We had friends, family, and strangers all learning to lift together. When I would walk up to the waiting area before class the room was buzzing! Everyone talking, laughing, and encouraging each other. We have already begun! This is everything I was looking for and I knew when presented with the opportunity you guys would make it happen. We would head back to the workout and suffer a bit together. There is nothing more bonding than sharing in a minute of being uncomfortable right? Ask anyone who has ever been part of a sports team, you come out like family. And that is exactly what I aim to create... a family, a team, a community of people working together to get fit.

But what good is it be fit?

One of my favorite quotes comes to mind. "I play a real sport. I'm not trying to be the best at exercising." - Kenny Powers (East Bound and Down). As absurd as Kenny is I completely agree, we need to express our fitness. Summer in Iowa is great. We will be going out together to do awesome things that you may have felt unable to do in the past. Paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing... LIVING! Getting outside and expressing your fitness with people that support you and join you in the journey is what it is all about. Not only about how much weight you've lost, or how much you can deadlift. Although I am very interested in those numbers as well, I want to focus on what's important and fun. So help me encourage and grow this community that has already formed at EP. Join us for the ribbon cutting and see what I'm talking about for yourself. This isn't a gym. It's a Performance Lab used for making people fit, active, athletic and alive.