Heal Faster with Laser Therapy

At Engineered Per4mance we understand your urgency in getting out of pain and back to that active lifestyle you lead, which is why when a treatment modality comes along that promises everything from faster healing times, decreased pain symptoms, improved microcirculation, and decreased swelling we jump! Not to say we don't keep rational and scour the research (because we did, and it's there), but we wasted no time and let me explain why and how this adjunct to our treatment will help you get back in action even faster. 

What is it?

The laser unit looks and feels like a laser pointer on steroids. You will see a red dot on the treatment area and feel a "warm glow." It's not too hot but you will feel it, in fact its quite soothing. The chemical reaction is called photobiomodulation, but because that word is the worst let me try to explain what it means. The light emitted from the laser travels deep into your tissue where it effects tiny organelles within each and every cell called mitochondria. How's that for a biology class flashback? If you weren't sleeping or playing snake on your calculator you'll remember the mitochondria are responsible for power production. They are where the electron transport chain is housed and produces ATP, which is essentially the cellular unit of energy. Further, the light stimulates the cellular production of nitrogen oxide (NO).  These chemical cellular events have a huge impact on your injury status and healing time! So if you want to strangle me for having read that paragraph and just want to know why this matters to you read on...

What does it do?

  1. Decrease healing time. This should be enough to convince you its worth trying in its own right. The increased ATP production allows cells more energy to repair and regenerate injured tissue.
  2. neuropathic pain alleviation
  3. strength loss attenuation after strength training
  4. treatment of myofascial pain

Why Laser Therapy?

  1. great alternative to surgery and medicine
  2. no side effects.
  3. consistent results
  4. endorsed by major medical institutions - American physical therapy association, world health organization, international association for the study of pain, lancet medical journal.

Simply put, the laser is a fantastic adjunct to our chiropractic performance therapy at Engineered Per4mance. It speeds the healing process in addition to our myofascial work, joint manipulation and exercise prescription. This is our recipe to getting back to a pain free active lifestyle. If you are struggling with a nagging injury or know someone who is, give us a call at 515-964-2322 or shoot us a message here!