3 tips to success

Beginning an exercise routine can be intimidating. We have all tried things that haven't worked, or put half effort into something not worthwhile. Beginning is the hardest part, forming a habit is where the magic is. When we can motivate ourselves to do something new, to finally step out of our comfort zone and do something for ourselves we open the door to endless possibilities. New adventures, vacations, friends, and community. New games and exciting achievements. Looking, feeling and performing the way you want to. To help you get started here are my three tips to ensure habit forming success...

  1. START WITH A CLEAR AND QUANTIFIABLE GOAL. Saying "I want to loose weight" is worthless. Almost everyone wants to loose weight but how much weight? Where are you starting and where do you plan to end up? Write down exactly what you hope to achieve and put a timestamp on it. "I want to loose 15 lbs in two months" is a much more quantifieable and attainable goal. These reminders will serve as your motivation to get in the gym in the morning or prep your meals for the next day. Without them you are wandering but with them you can be in hot pursuit. 

  2. START EASY. Baby steps is key. If you are completely sedentary don't count on working out five days next week. If you eat out once a day don't count on cooking every meal. Some things take time and developing new healthy habits will take plenty of it. Start slow and easy, work out two days next week and allow yourself plenty of time to recover. Begin looking up new recipes and try cooking dinner for the family a couple nights this week. If you overdo it initially the desired outcome will seem to lofty. Keep yourself grounded and progress as you are with intent.
  3. KEEP THINGS INTERESTING. With smart programming and periodization you should be changing your routine with some sort of frequency. Keep things interesting and new. Try different classes at the gym or pick up new skills. Try using kettle bells or take an olympic weightlifting course. Branch out outside of the gym as well. Try going for a hike and exploring someplace close by that you have never seen, or put some weight in a bag and actually try rucking! The limit is only your imagination and spontaneity. Bring the family along and take your new found health and lifestyle outside.  Sign up for our EP WEEKLY newsletter on our homepage for fun ideas for to foster your active lifestyle.