The Lab

I first read of the concept of using the gym as a lab from Dr. Kelly Starrett, author of Becoming a Supple Leopard and the man behind Mobility WOD.  The concept of practicing and perfecting movement skills to properly execute during daily life makes so much sense that I have a hard time rationalizing what I have been training for before.  When people tell me they are too old or too weak to deadlift it makes my skin crawl.  Are you too old or too weak to pick up something off the floor?  What happens when you play golf?  What happens when you need to pick up a child?  The answer... you do a deadlift! Or I guess you could do this...

By obtaining the motor skill to properly stabilize your spine and load the appropriate joints you reduce your risk for injury and maximize your potential ability to lift something in your everyday life.  If you are an athlete, I would argue, the form you use in a squat is the form you will use to tackle.  If when you squat your knees collapse inward, your ankle rolls in and your low back rounds, guess what happens when you attempt to create power and tackle at full speed?  You guessed it, you leak tons of precious power and athletic potential but even more important you unnecessarily expose yourself to huge injury risk.  Working out becomes much more than how hard you hit, it becomes how resilient you are and how effectively you get the job done. However, We aren't all high school or colligate athletes anymore so you may not be training to tackle an opponent but you still need to live, and to live is to move.  So get in the lab and perfect your movement skills with a keen perspective on why you are doing what you're doing and how to better prepare yourself for the life you want to live.  

At Engineered Per4mance we seek out your faulty movement patterns with the functional movement screen as part of your initial evaluation.  We perfect these movements with specific exercises throughout your workout.  Practice and perfect movement in the lab so you can move efficiently and injury free outside of it.