Stanford Gets It


I love this article that recently came out in NYT.  Not surprisingly, one of the best schools in the nation is pioneering a new way to athletic success.  Injury prevention, expression of full range of motion, functional power and strength are all represented and prioritized in the program.  This is the way to train for athletics and life in general.  Take a moment and read the article...


I had an incredible opportunity to sit down with one of the Stanford strength and conditioning coaches this winter and pick his brain.  Let me tell you, they are raising the bar on what defines a strength and conditioning coach.  No longer is a weekend course and certification acceptable.  These coaches are emphatic about research and often have an alphabet following their name.  Although many are not clinicians, they have taken clinician level courses simply to understand what is happening on the rehab side of things.  I am elated at the prospect of future athleticism being trained and treated in this manner.  Join us at Engineered Per4mance and you too will be screened for functional movement and train to attack life and athletics with the same philosophy, movements, and supervision.  Our goal is to reintroduce you to your body so that you may become empowered and transform your physical health.  If its good enough for the best athletes in the world, its good enough for you too.