The Glenns

We're Joey and Hannah Glenn and this is our crazy family!  We have three amazing, fun, and very tiring children.  Our oldest, Calaya (Cali for short), is a spunky four year old who loves gymnastics, swimming, and pretty much anything that allows her to run her little legs tired...(and we're okay with that because she needs it!  She's NUTS!)  Our twins were born in October of 2016.  Evelyn is older by fifteen minutes and is already beating up on her little brother, Ellis, by rolling on him and grabbing his face (which he hates).  We are also currently in the process of adopting our fourth (but oldest) child, Lorraine, from Central African Republic.  It is unknown exactly when she will be able to join us in America, but we are hoping by the end of 2018! 

With two littler ones, currently as a family we enjoy our peaceful walks and time just relaxing outside together in our yard.  

We are residents of Ankeny and are so happy we decided to open Engineered Per4mance in this active community.  We look forward to providing athletic performance, fitness, rehab and nutrition services to Ankeny and surrounding communities for years to come!