1. "Engineered Per4mance, this is Joey."
  2. "Are you planning on using health insurance for the visit or paying out of pocket?"
  3. "Great. In order for us to verify your benefits before the visit I need a bit of your information." 
  4. "What is your date of birth?"
  5. "What insurance company do you use?"
  6. "Is that an HMO or PPO?"
  7. "Can you please read me the group number and ID number on the card?"
  8. "Thanks, we'll see you then. Have a great day."

Fill out information on the "lead sheet" at the front desk. Then schedule the appointment on MBO. 

How to put the appointment into Mind Body Online scheduling.

  1. Click on the appointment slot they would like.
  2. Type in name if current client. 
  3. Click "new client" if never been here before. 
  4. Select the service from the dropdown.
  5. Click "ignore" to the credit card saving pop-up window. 
  6. Click save. 



How to put the appointment into DrChrono Scheduling. 

  1. Select the time slot the patient chose. 
  2. Type in the name of the patient. 
  3. Choose the provider.
  4. Select the profile depending on insurance or "office agreement" and initial eval or follow up.
  5. Click save & close.