EP4Kids Combine

With the NFL draft fast approaching there was a lot of football talk last month at the EP4Kids classes.  We talked about what it takes to be a professional athlete specifically a professional football player.  We learned about what the NFL combine is and decided to have our own and see where the kids stack up.  Each session last month began with our breathing practice and interval workouts then we would complete one test from the combine including the broad jump, vertical jump, push up test, shuttle run, and 10-yard dash.  As you can tell we modified the tests as only a few of our athletes could knock out 225 pound presses right?  Push ups would suffice, and gave us an awesome excuse for practicing our newly mastered movement.  Our older athletes did normal push ups from there feet while the youngest did wall pushups.  We kept track of each stat so check your email for the awesome results from your kids and congratulate them for doing so well.  

We promised the kids we would do this again in a few months to show they're getting faster, stronger, and in Will's case, one step closer to being a Packer.  For now were getting back to our motor learning beginning this week to increase speed in sprinting.