EP4Kids March

Basic Movement Skills

We just finished up our segment in March concentrating on basic movement.  Throughout the first couple of months we noticed a glaring problem.  Many of our participants were still really struggling with basic movements including hoping, jumping jacks and skipping.  As our premise of EP4Kids is to build a solid foundation of human movement to create a future well rounded athlete we needed to stop and address it.  We took each week in March to focus on a specific movement beginning with jumping.  After our warm up and exercise intervals we began breaking down the movement.  Where our hands need to be and which direction our feet should point to safely jump as high or as far as possible.  Then we practiced and practiced and practiced.  We hopped across the room, jumped into targets, jumped backward, sideways, on one foot, etc.  The next week we focused on jumping jacks.  "Make an X, now make a pencil!"  The following week skipping, and the last week of the month was push ups.  We finished the sessions like we finish every session with core work including planks, kneeling perturbations (a crowd pleaser) and of course, participation stickers.  

We surely made huge strides last month and I feel great about the movement our kids are learning.  When I ask them to do jumping jacks we no longer see arms flailing but coordinated movement.  Push ups look like push ups and skipping well... were still working on skipping.  But we will get there!


I brought along the GoPro one day last month.  We happened to be working on jumping and moving planks.  We also have a few clips of our power sessions when we were kicking the ball as hard as possible.  Check out our athletes!

In the month of April we are beginning the EP4Kids combine!  I'm sure you've seen the NFL combine in which incredible collegiate athletes are tested in strength, speed, and skill.  EP4Kids is mimicking the tests and seeing where we stack up beginning with broad jumps.  The kids were stoked to begin preparing to play for some of their favorite teams including the "Packers, Bears, Hawkeyes and Alligators?"  I don't know who the Alligators are either but I'm sure they rock.  Stay tuned!

Joseph Glenn