EP4Kids Week 4

Cross-Body Coordination

Quote of the week: "I can run as fast as two turbos and I am as strong as a bunny." -Kobie B.

In our final week of the kickoff month we listened to the kids and began a segment to learn to run faster!  This week's motor skill development focused on cross-body coordination.  In essence, it is the basic ability to disassociate your lower body from your upper body and it is essential in all athletic movement including running, throwing, hitting, and shooting.  We learned quickly that this skill is going to take a lot of practice so be sure to work with your little ones at home.  Start them in a staggered stance with one foot in front of the other and the opposite arm forward, as if you were in the middle of sprinting, much like our friend Usain Bolt in the following picture although standing in place.


Next tell your little athlete to "switch" in which instant they jump and switch the from right foot forward to left, and from left arm forward to right.  You'll notice the tendency to keep the ipsilateral arm and leg together in movement and this disassociation is what we are working on to keep proper running mechanics, balance, and express full power and athletic potential with each stride.  


Our exercise portion of the class this week included obstacle runs with burpees, hopping on each foot, sprinting, crawling, jumping jacks, and push ups.  Some serious team bonding was created when we encouraged cheering on our friends and the PIT was on fire!  We loved the energy this week and can't wait to continue to work on our motor skills and get faster, stronger, and more athletic next month.  See you there!

Joseph GlennComment