EP4Kids Week 3

Hand-Eye Coordination Cont.


Quote of the week: "Remember last week when you told me I could be a football player?  I think I'm going to now."  - Landon C.

We continue our hand-eye coordination segment this week by practicing throwing.  Just as catching, many sports require an athlete to throw an object with accuracy.   We learned to focus on the target and how to properly throw overhand.  Beginning with an easy slam dunk and moving all the way across the PIT, the kids improved very quickly and some were able to drain a shot at a range that was impressive to passing adults.   Be sure to keep practicing at home!  We also ran obstacle runs to be the first to get a sticker and discovered a very competitive spirit in some of the little athletes.  


The science is relatively the same as last week so I will spare you this week and instead add a plug for my favorite sport in my favorite sporting event... Olympic hockey! After a devastating loss in the woman's game yesterday I think our men can extract vengeance. GO USA!

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