Engineered Per4mance is off to a roaring start with EP4Kids, a program designed specifically for children between the ages of 2 and 5.  Our goal at EP4kids is to develop fundamental motor skills while also exercising!  Our culture is changing, with the removal of PE and recess from schools and ever advancing technology fun games are replacing outside time.  I mean... who wants to play outside when you can be an entire NBA team who can dunk from half court right?*  Our kids need to get back to REAL activity!  EP4Kids will provide a fun environment where we will practice motor skills such as catching, throwing, hopping, and skipping, which are the basis of athleticism, all while exercising using fun interval sessions of movements including high jumps, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and wall push-ups.  EP4Kids will also teach your children the importance of movement to health and the parents will receive weekly information about why we exercise the way we do, and what motor skills your children worked on that day.  We will be offering weekly classes with friends from the same classroom on a per month basis.  Please see your Generation Next front office to pick up a brochure and more information on how to sign up.  We can't wait to meet your little ones and get them moving toward a fit future!


*Yes, I just made an NBA Jam reference.  It might be the last video game I've played and it was awesome.

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