Billy Snyder

Director of performance

Billy became interested in strength and conditioning during his middle school years.  In the beginning, he was very intrigued by body building.  As he entered high school, barbell and kettlebells became a big part of his training.  These tools were valuable in developing his strength and he loved how they influenced his performance in soccer, baseball, and track.  

While in college, he interned at Crossfit Energy in Ohio eventually moving up into a full time position. He gained a lot of experience with seeing people move and helping them move better He also achieved one of his goals in becoming a StrongFirst Girya Level 1 instructor in September 2014.  Billy attended The University of Akron in Ohio, graduating with a degree in Exercise Science: Strength and Conditioning in December 2014. 

Billy continues his pursuit for finding mastery in movements with kettlebells being his tool of choice.  He loves seeing people learning to move better, finding strength within themselves, and is excited to work with the Engineered Per4mance community.